"Mao" is an antonym for "mao". Cantonese usually does not use the word "no". "You" is the loss of two horizontal "yes", from "there" to "have" is to take a road, the road down, there is.



We were born for the young people who are pursuing brand new and personalized life all over the world

About Us

We are committed to providing fashionable, individual and stylish high-value technology creative products for young people with taste.
Possess China's leading product industrial design, visual team and technology research and development team, thousands of square meters of manufacturing plant and advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, and a quality control system that meets the international ISO9001 standard;
Since its establishment in 2014, there have been more than 30 million users. The products have been well received in the global market and sold well in more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Australia.


We are a new brand for the young people

'Creative' and 'personalized' are the principle

We adhere to the original creation

We are fighting for providing new feelings

Customer Services

Another small thing will give you the most pertinent advice and intimate response like a close friend.

Shopping Experience

The perfect presentation of each of our products is due to the greatest effort.

Design Standards

Maybe our designers are not the best, but they are the most attentive.


Shenzhen Maoxin Liangpin Technology Co.Ltd is an electronic 
technology company integrating design,delelopment,production 
and sales.
Maoxin Liangpin,founded in 2014,is committed to providing 
high-quality unique creative digital products.In past 6 years of 
rapid development,Maoxin has formed an excellent design team 
and strong sales service team, in the meanwhile Maoxin has 3000 
square production factory which establish a stable supply chain 
The sales of Maoxin brand not only ranks TOP 3 in alibaba, but 
also are exported to Janpan,Korea and other developed countries.
Maoxin  also is selected in 2017 China's preferred brand.