Do the most IN agent -LIBERFEEL丨冇心

Why choose us.
At present, various brands in the market are constantly emerging. How do agents judge good products, or what brand vendors should be selected to support your development.
LIBERFEEL丨冇心 believes that choosing a brand with original creative genes is very important, because it means having a strong regeneration ability, which means that it can break through the status quo and create surprises every time. And isn’t this exactly what consumers need now?
LIBERFEEL丨冇心 will do it/ I hope you can become LIBERFEEL丨冇心 most IN agent
Let's innovate to the end.


Not only to the best-looking products to promote the market, the heart more efforts to promote brand image / culture, as well as social aspects, so that consumers counter-promote brand development, brand and agents to share the results.


Insist on original creation, even if it costs expensive design and copyright. But the heart deeply knows that this must be the way out!


Deeply aware of the importance of market stability, sincere respect for sincere partners / just as since the founding of the heart by everyone's respect.

Resellers Feedback

Adhere to the original, pay attention to design, the heart in this regard has always had a unique adherence, which is why I will choose the heart cooperation. I firmly believe that the heart can go further and farther along this road, but also the better.

Leonard Knox.

I like the design style of the heart, especially in the illustration design, very much have their own characteristics, completely immune. Hope that in the days to come, the heart is getting better and better, but also wish our cooperation more pleasant!

Belinda Raman.

It was at an exhibition that I met my heart and was attracted by their design at a glance. Then more in-depth understanding of the heart, found that they not only care about design, more attention to quality.

Nigel Nevin.

Apply Steps

Phase 1:
Call the agency hotline at 400-118-1030 or contact your heart via Wangwang/QQ.
Phase 2:
Send Us Your Company Materials
Phase 3:
Audit through, business in-depth communication.


  • Do I have to pay to join the agent?

    We needs you to pay integrity, love, support.

  • Is there any requirement from the agent?

    1. If it is an offline agent, we understand the specific company qualifications and the specific situation of the market (avoid duplicate agents)
    2. Online agent, need to review the store style and sales product grade, such as selling counterfeit goods, low-end goods and other situations of the shop, we are refused.
    3. Foreign markets, specific business communication.

  • Other issues

    Specific contact business, we will answer for you one by one.